is a maintenance, repair and remodeling company, clientele oriented base founded in Beirut, it is a fruit of a long expertize of its founder and General Manager Mr. Mohamad Al Mohtadi in hospitality and general maintenances all over Lebanon and GCC countries, with more than 20 years to backup in exceeding our clientele expectations we are looking to bring an innovative, creative and pleasant maintenance experience to your homes, villas, apartments, buildings, and offices.
We promise you to take care of all of your exciting or new entities as if it is ours in a professional, high value, low cost and innovative solutions, we will be the backbone of any exciting or upcoming projects.
Our qualified and experienced team of technicians and engineers will make sure to provide you with the most accurate, effective and innovative advises and work executions for all of your maintenance, repair and remodeling works.
In SiyanaPro we only use high end tools and products, that comes from our believe in our services and to offer our clientele a problem mind free experiences.
Because of you, we exist and we plan to partnership with your operations for a long time to come.


  • Reliability
  • Agility
  • Out performance
  • Creativity


WE CARE We’ve chosen this slogan because deeply in our heart we love and admire what we do and because we really want to assure a great service with high value and low cost  to our clientele  through experienced team, professional tools and  high end products

SiyanaPro believes that property ownership is one of the most important undertakings we make in our lives.

To this end, our mission is to:

  • Support all property owners in ensuring their buildings, houses, apartments and offices remain a place they can be proud of by identifying and using exceptionally skilled tradespeople to perform workmanship of the highest quality.
  • Get the job done, regardless of how big or small, and bring with it over 20 years of combined experience in the general maintenance and hospitality industry.
  • Provide expert advice to all our clients and offer them a one-stop shop to a complete range of trades for all their property needs.
  • Provide our clients with timely service quality and strive for continuous improvement to maintain and deliver on outstanding workmanship, integrity and professionalism.
  • Treat all property as if it was ours, taking ultimate care and respecting the site and cleaning up on completion!
  • Make time management and communication our fortes placing high value on teamwork within our workplace and with our customers.
  • Understand our clients’ wants and needs through timely and clear client communication to ensure that the finished job matches their expectations and that our own staff work cohesively with all the stakeholders to deliver quality outcomes for our customers, regardless of job size.
  • Avoid delays by maintaining excellent relationships with all our suppliers, professional associates and sub-contractors to ensure our clients are never left waiting for parts or trades when they need those most.

Foster good relationships with all stakeholders including our clients, employees, and subcontractors, suppliers to maintain them and to ensure the longevity of our company. Values that run deep for all of our employees.

A solid foundation of values is what enables our business to meet our customers’ expectations and solve their issues. Our employees are united around four values that are an integral part of our company culture.


Our focus on reliability is reflected in the attention our employees demonstrate and how we strive to constantly improve our services and working methods. We turn our exceptional know-how and expertise into unwavering customer satisfaction because we meet all their demands in real time, no matter what they need and how urgent the request is. And we offer them custom high-performance solutions. We actively develop our employees’ skills, because our teams are what make us strong.


At SiyanaPro, agility is one of our highest values and we show it by adapting and responding to any situation. We listen to our customers and customize offers to give them what they want. Our agility is also evident in our ability to adjust and constantly anticipate changes in the environment, requirements and constraints of our customers’ businesses.

Out performance

This value shines through in our dedication, on which SiyanaPro was founded. We are committed and driven to meet and exceed expectations. This value is also manifested through the daily investment and motivation of all our employees.


Our Team is built on innovations developed through creativity. In an increasingly competitive environment, contracts are won through innovative solutions that meet expectations and stand out from the rest. We always encourage our employees to take the initiative and never fail to reward new ideas.


From tap washers through to hot water systems and drainage, SiyanaPro comprehensive range of plumbing services means we have all your plumbing needs covered. Our experienced plumbing team can handle any type of commercial or residential plumbing job, big or small… Read More

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Like most other parts of the home, the coats of paint on your walls need constant care. Painting is not just a coat of color.   Proper preparation is everything from sanding, gap and whole filling and undercoating… Read More

With over of 20 years of experience under his belt our AC technician, will bring all of his experience to your door step, whether u need to install a new split air condition or just move it from one place to another….  Read More

SiyanaPro electrical services can take care of all your property needs, whether residential or commercial.

From light switch wiring to emergency electricians, SiyanaPro team can be of service to you.

Our Experienced electricians perform a wide range of electrical services and are always on hand to assist you with all your electrical needs…. Read More

SiyanaPro specializes in taking your needs and turning them from prototype phase to final assembly, all in-house. Our dedicated employees include full-time welders, machine operators, design staff, and office personnel all here to serve your needs… Read More

SiyanaPro take a step ahead toward your needs and turning them from a vision phase to reality. Our dedicated employees will make all the needed extra miles to make your decorative journey Headache free, our high end products will serve you to get a great money /cost value… Read More

We proudly serve all forms of commercial enterprises including Building Contractors, Government, Banks, Insurance Companies, Maintenance Contractors, Shop and Office Specialists, Churches, Schools, Medical Facilities, Shop Fitters and National Retail Groups. We have friendly… Read More

SiyanaPro is proud to introduce you her long expertize in outdoor curtain manufacturing and installing, with over 30 years of experience in our team Manager portfolio that add a great value to our team , we assure you that you will get the best service in town… Read More

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Listen better Plan better Build better.

SiyanaPro team is dedicated to keeping your home or commercial property comfortable and running smoothly. When your system is operating inefficiently or breaks down, we are available to offer prompt assistance.








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